“Become Your Ideal Self Today”

What if I told you that you can be the ideal version of you, that version of you where everything is going right and in place, you can have that today.

The energy.
The confidence.

I’m not sure about you but the ideal version of me is a FREAKING BOSS BABE OKAY?! Like she’s pretty cool, I’d probably hang out with her.  Whenever I remind myself that I get to be her today I’m like MY LAWD GIRL YOU SLAYIN.

You know? Like that ultimate happy, blissful, I’m doing so great at life and reaching toward my dreams today.  But let me guess you’re probably thinking, “are you insane, that’s the version of me that when I reach all of my goals I’ll finally be her. That has to take months at least.”  Well sister friend, you wrong.

You see this day in age (or is it day and age…not quite sure but roll with me here), we are plagued by this epidemic and HORRIBLE thought process of “when I achieve _______, then I can _________.” This is so horribly backwards I can’t hardly articulate it. But I will.

Every single high level coach/mentor I have ever had the pleasure of working with brings this concept in in some way.  We are so caught up in our goals, our “success,” or that end place we so badly want to be at.  But life happens in the in between. It happens between your day one and the day you “reach your goal.” And we never quite place emphasis on the feelings we want to have when we reach that goal outside of the physical or tangible goal.  But if we did they’d probably be something like this:


These are all feelings we think that “losing 20 pounds” will give us.

BUT YOU CAN HAVE THAT TODAY. And get this, it’s easy AND fun. Not to mention you WILL reach that tangible/physical goal MUCH faster and SO MUCH easier.  Every single day wake up as if you have already accomplished your technical goals (lost 20 pounds, started your own business, had more confidence, you get the idea).

What would that version of you eat for breakfast?
Does he/she have a morning routine?
What does he/she say to his or herself every morning?
Does he/she workout before or after work? Maybe going for a morning walk to enjoy the outdoors and wake up?
Does he/she have lunch prepared already or maybe have it done the night before?

When the tough parts of the day come by, you know those afternoon slumps where you want an extra large caramel macchiato chocolate frappuccino with extra whipped cream and unicorn sprinkles and a side of cake pops? What does your ideal version of you do in that instance? Maybe you’re so confident in your health and fitness routine that that craving doesn’t even arise so you ignore it. Maybe you’ve created a healthier version of a sweet treat pick me up, like a greek yogurt parfait or homemade protein bar. There’s always a choice and there’s always an option.

Does this version of you look forward to your after work fitness class?
Cooking dinner for the family?
Enjoying the family time in the kitchen making something delicious AND nutritious?
Does this ideal version of you have an evening routine?
When this version of you looks in the mirror and starts to have self-doubt, or negative self-talk how does he or she course correct? Journaling? A gratitude list? A walk?
What makes you happy? Do something that makes you happy EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Do something that brings you to the place of feeling as if you have already accomplished all of your goals EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You can be that person right now. The difference between you and her is your thoughts and your beliefs about yourself.  Do the thoughts you think about right now align with what your ideal version of you would think? If not, what DOES he or she think?

What beliefs do you need to get rid of in order to be fully aligned with the ideal version of you?  It’s a small shift.  It’s a powerful as hell shift.  And to think that the only thing you need to do to become the absolute BEST version of yourself in every aspect is one simple shift in the way you think.  How freaking cool?

Yeah, it takes work and practice. But start right now. Don’t give up. You’ll get there, and so will your goals but in a much more accomplishing way.

Trying to do this but having a hard time making it stick? 

Click here, let’s have a conversation to make a small shift for you to experience this every single day. You’ve got this sister.

Photo Credit: Katie Rae Bode Photography

About Diana Matuszak

Diana Matuszak is a CPA by background who decided to take a leap and turn her passion into a business. She began a health and wellness business as a certified health and lifestyle coach drawing on her personal experience.  Visit Diana’s Facebook Page to find out more.