The importance of planning and keeping track of it

I am someone who still uses an appointment diary (every.single.year) in addition to my electronic diary.  I like to be able to write notes, reminders and thoughts for the day.  It also helps me keep track of what I have on (colour coordinated of course!).  I am yet to combine my career and business plan goals diary into my diary; but I think that is about to change in 2019.

Before I go into the planners I have reviewed, I want to share some of the best reasons (that I found online and I completely agree with) as to why you should have a planner.  These top 5 have been taken from Positively Splendid by Amy Bell:

  1. Using a planner helps you stay more organised.
  2. Using a planner helps you make more intentional choices.
  3. Using a planner means you will have to spend less time in front of a screen.
  4. Using a planner makes your mundane tasks more creative and fun.
  5. Using a planner allows for built-in memory keeping.

And my two cents worth – for those of you who love the feeling of finishing a task, simply write out your to-do list and take great satisfaction of crossing it out (yes, I do have colleagues who simply write a list for the ‘crossing out’ feeling!).

So what is in the market?  I have used the Kikki K day to a page for a few years now.  Each year I go to find something different, but I have not found anything as good!  I am determined to see what else is out there and I am set on combining my planner and diary into one!  I have spent a few hours researching and here are my Top 9 Planners for 2019:

Chasing Planner Peace – you can choose your own inserts!  If you need more pages for goal planning – simply order more.  Better yet, if you already own a folder and just need the inserts, well you can simply buy those only.  The planner bundles will be great for those wanting to keep track of stats.
Mi Goals – what I love about this product is the options – desk pads, goal diaries and planners (pictured).  This is a front runner for 2019 for me!  I also am scrolling through their desk pads and team books as gifts for my friends.
Saint Belford – I love the classic look of these planners, which also include pages for habits, a weekly menu planner and they also sell compendiums!  The colours are also suitable for the more corporate environments.
Elizabeth Fairon – this one is more of a goal setter than diary, but I love that it is so easy to use and will be great for accountability!  If you were looking to keep goals and diary separate, I would have Elizabeth’s as my goal diary for sure.
Emma Kate Co – the perfect site if you want to have the option of weekly or daily planners.  I always go the daily as I have a number of appointments to keep track of!
Leaders in Heels – I have long been a fan of this site.  The planners are gorgeous and are perfect if you don’t need the ‘appointment’ diary type look.  Plus you can have them monogrammed.
Bliss Inventive – this has a bit of a astrology type focus, with important dates noted for each month.  It would be great for more of the creative/arts focused women.  The colours are very engaging!
Bespoke Press – gorgeous linen lined diaries which are week to a page.  Not as much room for goal setting as the others and my fav thing about these ones are the look. I would have no problems taking one into a corporate meeting.
Canvast – the planner is still on pre-order and due for release in November.  For those of us who are already filling up 2019, it might be a bit too long to wait.  But if you can – it offers an undated planner, budget area, to-do list and a goal setting space with the added bonus of advice and motivational tips throughout.

After all of that – I still don’t know which one I want to buy.  Given I have a need for the diary features (daily, appointment times etc), I might have to stick with my Kikki K (which is more than fine!) but now I have plenty of options to move way from my dull black goal book!  Be sure to send us through any other planners that you highly recommend and we will list them on our socials!

PS: A lot of the sites are offering discounts if you sign up to their mailing lists.

Cassandra Heilbronn
Founder | The Prominenti Society