Alexandra André

Professional Speaker, Marketing Energiser and Thought Leader on Infinite IM-pact, Alexandra knows about pushing boundaries and the difference it can make.

She has completed five marathons, an Ironman, and took a leap to launch her own business – Marketing Energized.  Now on a mission to inspire and energise potential, in people and businesses, for the impact they can have; a purpose she has been drive by since dedicating an Ironman to a good friend.  More than realising her own potential, was the incredible impact we can have on each other.

Alexandra’s vision is to create a movement of INFINITE IMPACT, sharing her message and connecting with audiences through her story – as far and wide as she can.

Her most recent speaker engagements include the Speakers Tribe Annual Conference, TENx Guest Speaker and the Abundant Life Solutions Gala Dinner where she was Keynote Speaker.  You can view Alexandra’s sizzle reel online.

Information on Alexandra:

Available for: Keynotes; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker.

Categories: Business & Entrepreneurs; Health & Medicine; Life & Motivational; Sport & Fitness.

Location: Melbourne 

Speaker Experience: Intermediate