Alena Bennett

Obsessed with helping people deliver through the constant urgency and pressure of crunch times, Alena uses her years of professional experience delivering countless crunch times as well as her expertise as a Chartered Accountant, accredited coach and motivational profiling practitioner to identify and unclog outdated processes and practices and unleash the innovation that lies within every leader and team.

By connecting technical and leadership skills, she arms leaders with the capability to tactically and practically navigate their teams through the depths of crunch times for better decision-making, leading to better results and outcomes. In doing so, she unlocks energy and expertise that leaders themselves don’t realise they possess, turning traditionally awful crunch times into awesome ones.

Alena is a speaker, mentor, facilitator and coach who loves to get in front of people and create energy and excitement about practical issues. She is the author of the upcoming book “Crunch Time: How Leaders Deliver to Deadline Without Killing Their People”.  She’s mother to two young girls, and part of a vibrant family that resembles the United Nations!

Information on Alena:

Available for: Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshop.

Categories: Leadership & Development; Finance Tax, & Accounting.

Travels from: Sydney