About The Prominenti Society

Thank you to Guj Illustrations for the amazing artwork featuring Matthew Byrne, Laura Chong, Cassandra Heilbronn (me), Jessica Bowditch and Jelena Jovicic as inspiration.  So glad to have these ladies as my besties; they always have my back! xo

Prominenti  Latin for the “distinguished”.

The Prominenti Society has been established to showcase not only recognised professional women, but to foster the next generation of female leaders.  How will this be done?

Well, what has been part of Cassandra Heilbronn’s ‘spare time’ for many years, has now turned into a business venture with a three point focus:

  1. The Speakers: a platform listing female speakers and MCs.  These speakers range from experts in their fields to those starting out, and are listed by category, name and location.
  2. The Society: a member society targeted at professional women aged 24 and above, with different levels of membership to cater for all stages of careers.
  3. The Socials: events, including breakfasts, lunches, focus groups, media training, voice coaching and career coaching.

There are many ways you can be part of our Society and we cannot wait to welcome you!