Amanda Doueihi

Amanda worked as a lawyer in New York for almost eight years. She felt such an intense connection to the city that she moved to New York without ever having visited. Not knowing a soul, Amanda had to learn how to network like the locals in order to make new friends and find work. Her background in journalism equipped her with the tools she needed to discover the stories of the city she fell in love with and the people who inhabited it.

Amanda mastered the art of networking in New York and has discovered the secret balance for incorporating the New York networking style within her own Australian-based business.

With warmth, style and grace, Amanda inspires the audience to get out of their comfort zone, sharing practical tips they can employ to pursue their aspirations.

Amanda’s topics include:

  • Networking and why it is so underrated in Australia;
  • The importance of self-care when we are building our careers and businesses;
  • Why she gave up a lucrative career in New York to return home; and
  • The nuances of the legal industry between Australia and New York.

Amanda has returned home to Sydney and runs her own writing and consulting business.

Information on Amanda:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.
Categories: Biographical; Leadership & Development; Life & Motivational.
Travels from: Sydney