Anne-Marie Rice

Anne-Marie is a problem solver, peace maker and educator. She has honed her negotiation and mediation skills over decades in the most highly charged of legal fields – family law. 

Anne-Marie’s intellect and capacity to translate complex legal concepts have made her a highly sought after mediator and legal representative. Recognised by her peers as one of the best in her field, she is routinely approached to guide, teach and train members of the judiciary, barristers, lawyers and university students in the art of dispute resolution. Anne-Marie adopts a philosophy that “negative events don’t have to be responded to negatively” and brings learnings from psychology, neuroscience and mediation to her presentations to challenge traditional approaches to conflict. 

Her presentations are always highly engaging, meticulously researched and deeply thought provoking. She brings a fresh perspective to the way lawyers, managers and organisations approach conflict and seamlessly provides practical, real world tips of how to adopt a positive poblem solving approach no matter how conflicted the issues.

Anne-Marie regularly presents:
  1. on all technical and practical aspects of family law. Her experience in almost 20 years of practice and as a University lecture puts her at a unique advantage when it comes to preparation and entertaining delivery of highly technical subjects. 
  2. to lawyers of all backgrounds, in house counsel, managers and educators on topics relating to conflict management, dispute resolution and “positive problem solving” – in which she explores the neuroscience and skill set in support of the notion that that conflict can be resolved without combat. 

Information on Anne-Marie:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Keynotes; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Leadership & Development; Law & Politics

Travels from: Brisbane