Alice Sidhu

With natural curiosity and a drive to understand and improve how things work, Alice is an experienced business transformation and innovation executive.  Her diverse industry experience includes retail, telecommunications, IT, mining and public sector. Having held senior global roles in many multi-national organisations, as well as leading complex initiatives across the Asia Pacific region, has given Alice a unique insight into how organisational ecosystems operate and how they need to evolve for what’s coming. 

Working on digital solutions before we were even calling them that, Alice navigates through the ‘cool’ to contextualise Digital, the potential of AI, and why Blockchain is so much more than Bitcoin. Alice has been a regular contributor and speaker on translating what all of the technology means, why you should care about it (if at all), and how to leverage it. Alice is also passionate about the impact of technology on ways of working, organisational culture, and leadership, and does not believe that the anticipated dystopia is a foregone conclusion. 

Alice has a been a member of various Government Boards and led the establishment of Victoria’s first Masters of Procurement course with RMIT.  She is also a foundational contributor to the LeaderShip of Fools podcast series which explores key challenges for today’s leaders. Alice’s most recent speaking event includes Demystifying Blockchain at the PASA Summit in March this year where she presented to over 100 delegates. 

She is available to speak on a range of topics relating to Digital Transformation and Leadership in the New World of Work, including the impact of new technologies, undertaking successful organisational transformation, Blockchain, AI and leading in a digital world. 

Information on Alice:

Available for: Panels Speaker; Guest Speaker.

Categories: Business & Entrepreneurs; Corporate Inclusion & Diversity; Tech & Science.

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