Arna van Goch

Arna is a multilingual entrepreneur. She runs her own business strategy business specialising in social media and is currently setting up her personal brand focusing on women and self-worth. She regularly hosts events on behalf of League of Extraordinary Women in Sydney and also works as an conflict resolution facilitator. Her clients’ industries span from Education to Real Estate to Retail. 

Having lived on 3 continents and 5 countries in the last decade, Arna values the importance of communication in all different settings- be it in the office, the boardroom, even in the classroom or at the dinner table. Understanding how people communicate, how they listen and react is crucial to having successful relationships. This is why she is so passionate about working with social media– it’s how people are communicating, so we need to understand how it works and what it means to be communicating this way.

She is available to speak on female representation, female empowerment, entrepreneurship, multiculturalism, being a third culture kid and intergenerational communication. Her bright and genuine personality also make her well-suited for MC-ing events in different industries, ranging from corporate to community events. She speaks English and Mandarin most fluently, and speaks a little bit of Dutch and Spanish too. 

Information on Arna:

Available for: Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Childcare, Education & Training; Multicultural.

Travels from: Sydney