Deb Reveley

Often heard laughing at her own jokes, Deb is a keynote speaker and presenter, an author, an educator and a specialist in  living a life of  both mental illness and recovery.  Deb turned her life experience into an amazing business and has been CEO of her mental health education company Brain Ambulance, for the past 14 years. 

Deb experienced 25+ years from severe depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and had nearly two years house-bound with agoraphobia.  She talks about staying functional whilst running an educational supply business, a café/catering business and a mental health training business whilst, on occasion, being very mentally unwell.  As a keynote speaker, her stories about living with mental illness and coping in the world are hilarious, moving, inspiring and truly bust the barrier of stigma and mental health and humour.

Deb is a huge advocate of humour, an educator of empathy and an ambassador for the politically incorrect so if you want entertainment, laughs, lessons, laughs, memorable, laughs and authenticity, book Deb. Her capacity to use life experiences to champion recovery, demonstrate resilience, choose change and educate people on empathy is very inspiring to participants.  Deb keeps her stories real and her messages ‘stick’.

On a more serious note, as a very experienced business operator and mentor, Deb can share business war stories with lessons as well as success stories with proof that seeking niche markets and a willingness to constantly think outside the box works. She has simple strategies she uses to keep her business sustainable yet fresh and interesting after all these years. 

Some statistics on Deb:

  • in her mid-50’s she will swear she is in her earlier 30’s
  • she went to 25 schools in her life
  • was the 1stperson to create a workplace toolbox for mental health, the Mental Health Response Box
  • tends to move house every 3 years or earlier if the fridge needs defrosting
  • was the inaugural recipient of the Master Instructor Award for MHFA in Australia
  • knows 7 chords on her ukulele

Information on Deb:

Available for: Keynote Speaker; Guest Speaker; Panel Speaker. 

Categories: Business & Entrepreneurs; Comedy; Health & Medicine; Life & Motivational.

Travels from: Perth