Dr Emily Verstege

Emily is a customer experience futurist, speaker, author and mentor to the leadership of Australia’s fastest growing businesses.  She is passionate about making people the most important focus in the business: after all, it is people who buy products and services and work in the business.

Emily’s research shows customer experience is the key to future proofing business.  It also shows that many businesses find it hard to get started with experience, or to get it right.  Emily’s guidance makes it easy for emerging and established businesses to create amazing experiences for customers, which drives customer satisfaction and retention, business growth and impact.

An in-demand speaker, facilitator and conference chair, Emily uses a blend of self-deprecating humour and razor sharp observations to move her audience from information and inspiration to meaningful action.  She is the author of upcoming book “It’s Personal: Focus on Experience, Future Proof Business”.  She’s mother to two young girls, a keen runner and kettle bell swinger.  

Her most recent speaking engagements include a keynote address for PwC on “Inside Out: Strategy Starts with questions”.

Information on Emily:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Keynotes; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Business & Entprereneurs; Finance & Accounting; Law & Politics; Health & Medicine

Travels from: Brisbane