Emma Woodcock

Emma is the Founder and CEO of Grace & Able a company that is ending poverty one handmade piece of jewellery at a time. While most girls grew up in sunny streets with barbies and roller-skates, Emma grew up on sunny but crowded streets of the Philippines, watching her parents integrate and serve the world’s vulnerable.

Later in life, she travelled to England where she trained as an Interior Designer, married and had her firstborn son. On a stroll through a local boutique one day, she came across some Christmas decorations made in the provinces of the Philippines. Excited she enquired with the manager who did not know her production line. Emma chased it out on her own, only to discover unfair payments and heartbreaking conditions.

Impassioned to bring justice to an unlevel field, Emma founded Grace & Able in 2014, a few years after arrival back in Australia, to equip and enable the world’s marginalised through fair and ethical business.

Passionate about justice and seeing all people empowered, Emma spends her days creating jewellery, developing impactful projects and training opportunities for her Artisans and encouraging people to thrive. Emma lives in Melbourne, with her husband and two sons.  Her most recent speaking events include a keynote address at Ladies Guild on ‘making a difference right where we are’ and Women of Worth keynote on her journey into an impactful business.

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