Hayley Langsdorf

Hayley is on a mission to inspire the world with beautiful visual stories and bring some ‘human’ness back to how we communicate with each other.  She is a Brisbane-based visual storyteller who works with businesses through graphic recording, visual facilitation and illustration – to help them tell their stories and design futures.

Hayley spent more than a dozen years working inside large corporates across the fields of communications, organisational change and innovation design.  She has a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication and says it is surprising how often her major in English Literature comes in handy – no seriously.  Hayley wants people to connect more deeply, to be inspired to act, imaginations to soar and creativity to abound – she wants people to feel moved.

Hayley believes there is a better way to collaborate, no more should your day be filled with soul-less acronyms and mind-numbing jargon. Because hiding within every dry set of facts is a colourful story just waiting to be unleashed and Hayley would love to talk to you about it.

She is available to speak on a range of areas including the new rules for workplace communication and collaboration, creativity at work,  career mentoring on how to carve a personal path from your unique strengths as well as MC and scribe for corporate events. Regardless of the topic, expect a lot of doodling and colour!

Information on Hayley:

Available for: Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops

Categories: Corporate Inclusion & Diversity; Leadership & Development

Location: Brisbane