Jessica Gwynne

Jessica is an expert action taker.  Sometimes in a circuitous direction, but never resting on her laurels.  She has failed fast and often, which has allowed her to move further in her business (and up until 2014, her career) than others around her who were ‘thinking’ about starting. 

Since she’s been full time in her business she has consistently had multiple 6 figure years – now she says – it’s your time.  Jessica helps women in business to understand their true worth and then offers practical (and simple!) strategies to earn it. 

A few false starts at uni (Stats II put an end to her alleged Banking and Finance career… twice), Jessica finished Sports Management and worked in sales from day 1 of her ‘adult’ life.  She was bored and started a blog about shoes. It started to take off and Jessica realised there was something in this ‘digital marketing bizzo’ and became a self-confessed learning nerd devouring everything that could about social media marketing, direct marketing online, sales funnels – everything! 

Jessica has the life experience and the expertise to deliver what her clients need.  Her most recent speaking event includes a virtual conference where she hosted over 2,000 women for  

Information on Jessica:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Business & Entrepreneurs; Leadership & Development; Corporate Inclusion & Diversity; Life & Motivational.

Travels from: Gold Coast