Jenny Hayes

Jenny has a unique story. She was brought up in a very strict, traditional Greek household where women did not go out or speak their mind. Domestic violence, mental health and drugs always lurked in the background and Jenny had a deep yearning to be like other teenagers who went out with friends, had fun, spoke to boys and did all those things that teenagers do. At 21 years of age, she ran away from home and spent the next few years hiding, being afraid and constantly on the alert for her father, brother and uncles who were always in pursuit.

Fast forward to present time and Jenny is coming to an end of her self-described “thrilling 36-year career in law enforcement”.  She is the Detective Chief Superintendent for the NSW Police Force and is a prime example of a woman who has pushed through the glass ceiling to achieve command roles throughout her career. Jenny has had interesting roles from undercover investigations to chief of detectives to being the first female Commander in the wild western region of NSW.  She is the only woman in her current posting.

Her career is nothing short of interesting, and Jenny has ability to speak to the crowd with her stories of being spat at, shot at by criminals, and pushed and tested by the men she has worked with and for.  Against this, she raised a son as a single mother, bought and renovated her first home and supported and helped raise the children of her troubled siblings. Her story is one of self belief, personal courage, perseverance and most of all resilience.

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