Jacquie Rolle

A woman who believes in striving and working towards achieving her goals no matter the obstacles that she might face.  Jacquie’s motto in life is to never be afraid of the unknown and the importance of stepping out and exploring new things. 

Her life experiences have taught her a great deal about people and herself and how we can never put limitations on ourselves. One of the greatest joys that Jacquie has in life is encouraging and motivating others to never give up. In fact, she calls herself the Encourager and that has been a staple of who she is for as long as she can remember. 
Jacquie connects with her audience.  If she could find five words to define her they would be a Leader, Determined, Communicator, Spiritual, and Caring.  At this phase in her life, more than ever she wants to help others to see what truly exists on the inside of them and to achieve their dreams. Although, all of that is good more importantly she wants you to see the importance of walking in God’s love towards others. Jacquie wants to leave behind a #LegacyofLove, which has become her ultimate mantra and what she wants people to remember her for.
Her recent speaking events include press conferences for the National Regatta Committee and the National Children’s Ministry, which has been her most interesting engagement to date. 

Information on Jacquie:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker.

Categories: Leadership & Development; Life & Motivational; Sport.

Travels from: The Bahamas