Jacinta Whelan

A partner with Watermark Executive Search, Jacinta is a thought leader and popular speaker on the concept of Interim Management, Portfolio Careers and future ways of working. She has over 20 years’ experience starting and leading Interim businesses in Hong Kong, New York and Australia.

The ‘gig’ economy has arrived. There is a paradigm shift in how we engage with work and both individuals and companies are questioning what it means for them. The implications of ‘gig’ work affect more than just employment – it changes so many ingrained societal structures. How will people get home loans? What does it mean for superannuation, or other wealth creation tools? Where are the safety nets? The importance of lifelong learning & the disruption of current education models? Jacinta has presented at numerous conference including The Centre for Workplace Leadership Future of Work, she advises corporates and governments (Federal, State and Local) on the gig economy and what it will mean to labour policy and is regularly asked to speak to Boards and other executives groups looking to stay abreast of the way business is engaging talent. 

She is available to speak across the gamut of the changing nature of work including: The Gig Economy, Building a Portfolio Career, How companies are buying talent, The macro factors of labour market models to the micro of what it types of jobs we will have in the future.

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Available for: Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker

Categories: Leadership & Development; HR, IR & Safety

Travels from: Melbourne