Kate Lawrence

Kate Lawrence speaks with a storytellers heart, a lawyer’s logic and an orator’s presence to captivate, motivate and teach how Story does the work of making us human.

After years winding through the forests of community law, the mountains of women’s football, the rivers of group facilitation, and the weather of disaster preparedness, Kate arrived at the Sea of Story and set sail.

Kate is perceptive, with a passionate belief in human connection. Kate shows how to find, craft and share our stories, how to create a story culture, and how to see so we can understand story in the workplace. She is excited about story as a reflective tool for leadership, how understanding stories means we can change them, and how story work allows us to hear and amplify voices.

Kate is TEDx speaker and multiple Moth Story Slam winner. She has years speaking in public as a lawyer, activist and oral storyteller. From Alex Fisher, TEDx organiser: “Kate Lawrence helps answer life’s big questions without judgement or assumption… Somehow, she manages to make her audience feel less self-conscious about letting the world know who we really are. Introspection never felt so comfortable.

Information on Kate:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker.

Categories: Biographical; Business & Leadership; Life & Motivational.

Travels from: Macedon, Victoria

Speaker Experience: Intermediate