Karen Williams

Karen is a trainer, leadership coach, speaker and passionate writer. Her work in human behaviour spans over 18 years across sectors and industries.  She specialises in partnering and challenging leaders to grow beyond their default leadership style, transcend personality traits, deepen their presence and expand their influence.

Some of Karen’s greatest wisdom comes from her work in the criminal justice system, facilitating conversations between offenders, victims and key stakeholders, supporting people to step into ownership and engage in real conversations.

Karen’s work breaks down silos, refocuses people on the right things, empowers accountability and gets people talking so that new ideas and results become possible.  Personally, leaders experience transformational shifts across their whole lives – deeper intimacy in relationships, presence and connection in parenting, alignment with purpose and improved holistic wellbeing.

She is available to speak on:

  • Leading with Presence

  • Building Trust Culture

  • Leading Difficult Conversations with Confidence

  • Real Women in Leadership: Embodying Healthy Energies to Lead, Live and Love.

Information on Karen:

Available for: Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Leadership & Development; Life & Motivational

Travels from: Melbourne