Laura Chong

Laura has been designing through her brand, 400 Co., since 2013.  Her business and her designer collections draw on her experience as an associate in the court of appeal and as a highly successful practising lawyer.

Laura lives the 400 Co. motto as an “ambitious, driven and inspired” woman who manages a consultant legal career whilst also running a successful fashion label.  400 Co. was founded by Laura to save women time and she designs clothing with the corporate professional in mind.  It is all about making ambitious, driven and inspired women reflect just that in their work wear.

Already Laura’s pieces have caught the attention of TV personalities, including Channel 9 newsreaders Melissa Downes and Alison Ariotti, as well as Channel 7’s Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage. She has appeared in BRW, Lawyers Weekly, and the CourierMail, to name a few.  Laura has a powerful message with her story of leaving law and creating a path as a fashion designer to the corporate elite.  

Laura is available to speak on a range of areas, including her biography, making the change from law to business, how to dress for success and fashion design and styling. 

Information on Laura:

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