Lynda Leigh

Lynda is personable, down to earth and determined to make a difference.  When she reveals her kicker ending, you’ll understand why.

Most business speakers talk about business from the top down, Lynda’s insights reconnect you with your customer’s perspective in way that can’t help but transform your interactions.  She had an epiphany, turned a negative into a positive and now Lynda speaks to organisations across Australia, showing how inclusion and accessibility is not only good for the community, it makes perfect business sense.

Lynda’s goal is to make a connection with the audience and be in the moment.  She loves spending time with her audience before and after the event.  Why take a selfie when you can have a conversation?  As a speaker, what sets Lynda apart is her complete focus on your business and your goals for the presentation.  It’s your brand that matters, not hers.  She treats every presentation individually and takes the time before the event to get to know your business so her talk is a perfect fit.

Lynda is available to speak on: 

  • Networking – everyone tells you that you should network, Lynda will show you how to – the necessities, the niceties and how to avoid the nasties.
  • Records and Information Management – having spent close to 30 years in piles, Lynda has some great stories to share with both government and small businesses alike. 
  • Accessibility – when you speak to your customers, are they actually listening?  Lynda gives you an insight into a market that other businesses have forgotten about.
  • Resilience – Lynda shares her journey from struggling to keep up with ‘normal’ to finding a source of strength in accepting herself – the difference between succeeding in spite of adversity, to succeeding because of it.
  • Driving like a girl – you may call it a mid-life crisis, Lynda calls it fun.  After winning the NSW Pacenote series as a rookie co-driver, Lynda bought her own rally car even though she couldn’t drive a manual or even change a tyre but that didn’t stop her hitting the dirt and getting on the podium. Why should the boys have all the toys? 

Lynda is determined to spend her savings on red wine, cheese and competing in forest rallying events.  She’d love a latte with one sugar, thank you.

Information on Lynda:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker.

Categories: Corporate Inclusion & Diversity; Life & Motivational 

Travels From: Bega, NSW