Leticia Mooney

Leticia is a writer and serial entrepreneur.  She is a content specialist working in the professional services niche – think law, engineering, and finance and is the author of three books, including the first book on the mechanics of rock journalism.
Leticia believes that the barriers around you are largely self-imposed, and aims to inspire those around her to take a risk and see what they can achieve even if everyone around them says it’s impossible (and even if circumstances seem that way). She does this by sharing her stories of failure and success; from building and scaling a music magazine for extreme metalheads to global notoriety before selling it in 2010, to being completely broken financially, and no prospects at the age of 30. Her achievements include being called a ‘master’ of the art of critique, building a business while also carving out days to work creatively, and – most recently – celebrating five years in her latest company.
Leticia’s regularly speaking events include the South Australian Speakers in Schools Program, facilitating sessions in the Futurepreneurs Launchpad Program, and presenting at business events.
She is available to speak on a range of areas, including publishing strategy in business, online content as a customer service factor, all areas of writing (both creatively and in business), effectively leading difficult or remote teams, and running values- and ethics-driven businesses even in times of difficulty.

Information on Leticia:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Keynote Speaker; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Leadership & Development; Insurance & Risk Management; Media, Blogging & PR.

Travels from: Adelaide