Louise Williams

Louise transforms the clarity, mindset and presence of potential leaders to position them as influencers in their industries. She is a Personal Branding Expert, adopting a unique blend of Psychology, storytelling, symbolism and business strategy. Louise is obsessed with Transformation, Confidence and Personal Identity.
Louise has over 15 years previous experience as a Psychologist, working in Universities, Workplace Rehabilitation, Employee Counselling Programs, Correctional Facilities, and in her own thriving Psychological Practice. She has a Bachelor of Education-Bachelor of Psychology (JCU) degree and a Master of Organisational Psychology (UQ) degree. Over the past 11 years, Louise has created a thriving Photography business, specialising in Business Branding Photography and Glamour Photography. She has a new book on pre-sale, titled “TRANSFORM: Level Up Your Personal Brand, Attract Dream Clients, Grow Your Business”.
As a Personal Branding Expert, Louise is obsessed with empowering people to unleash their truth! She is an engaging speaker who delivers transformative and thought-provoking presentations. Louise is highly skilled in adapting to different group dynamics and creating a level of Psychological Safety within a room. She offers a unique blend of storytelling, psychology and emotional connection to create meaningful future focused transformations in mindset for her audiences.

Information on Louise:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Business & Entrepreneurs; Corporate Inclusion & Diversity; Leadership & Development; Life & Motivational.

Travels from: Brisbane