Marie Louise

Marie’s insights into human behaviour is unparalleled, bringing complex system to life simply is what she does best. Marie believes every individual has the access to their voice of personal power, by using tools that support growth in intuition, creativity, innovation, personal coherence, communication and connection.

Marie’s passion in supporting awareness of the collective consciousness and unlocking ways to bring greatness alive in everyday life. Where the spirit of the heart can be the fire in business that drives profit for purpose or personal potential realised in full coherence. Life in business is moving to a whole new beat and one that is moving quickly. How do you get on the conscious train of potentiality to support a life that thrives?

Marie’s focus and purpose was ignited by her mother’s battle with mental illness. This was the driving force in a lifetime of research into the functioning of the brain, body and emotional patterns. Marie has been studying how we work for over 30 years and practicing in the field of human behaviour and self-mastery for over a decade.

Her adventures of self-discovery have seen her push her body and mind to physical and mental extremes, process and overcome years of child sexual abuse, teenage rape and divorce.

Marie is an engaging and dynamic presenter, educator and facilitator. An accomplished Author of ‘Discover Worlds Within’, co-founder of Evolve Yourself Institute, qualified yoga teacher, master meditator and program developer of the ‘SYSTEM OF SELF®’ education. The program is distributed to the Corporate, health and education sectors. It is accredited by NSW education and the Australian College of Nursing.

She is available to speak on a range of areas, ways to lift consciousness in business, how the feminine is changing the way business is done, self awareness as the no 1 asset in life today. Education of self – the foundation in leadership, overcoming abuse for empowered living, Facilitation in presence – leads teams. Caring for those that care for others. Changing the way we see education for kids. Trauma is part of the human story, taking the suit off is changes the story 

Information on Marie:

Available for: Keynote Speaker; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Domestic, Family Violence & Abuse; Sport & Fitness; Life & Motivational.

Travels from: Sydney