Melissa Richardson

Melissa is the Managing Director of Art of Mentoring, Australia’s leading mentoring program design, software and implementation business. Art of Mentoring (AoM) is based in Australia and operates across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States.

Melissa is one of Australia’s experts in coaching and mentoring, having worked in the field for over twenty years. She has designed and implemented mentoring programs across public and private sector organisations, and is at the forefront of the use of technology to support mentoring programs that span geographies. Melissa also has a busy executive coaching and coaching supervision practice, working with senior leaders and with coaches and mentors.

Melissa has helped to build some of Australia’s largest mentoring programs across a wide range of industries including Human Resources, Law, Public Works, Engineering and Veterinary. She has experience with many program types, including Graduate, Diversity, Mid-Career, and Transition to C-Suite programs. While she is passionate about making a difference to peoples’ work lives, empowering them through mentoring to make the best of their career, Melissa also helps organisations to attract, engage, develop and retain their valued members or employees.

Melissa’s qualifications include a Masters Degree in Organisational Coaching and post-graduate qualifications in Strategic Marketing, Coaching Supervision and Counselling.

She is available to speak on how to set up a best practice of mentoring program using the latest technologies, what makes a great mentor, and her recent research on cross-gender relations and the impact of #MeToo on men and their willingness to interact with and mentor female colleagues.

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