Monica Rosenfield

Monica has been running her PR agency WordStorm PR since 2000.  Prior to this she worked as a producer for Channel Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’ where she learnt how NOT to do PR.  She is passionate about educating businesses how to use the media’s thirst for content to their advantage. 

Monica is fascinated by the psychology of fame and why we revere people that we consistently have exposure to through the media.  This is explored in depth in her keynote presentation.

Monica has worked with hundreds of businesses with a specialty on entrepreneurs, disruptors and not-for-profits to increase their credibility, trust and bottom line by putting their brand in the media spotlight.  She is a firm believer in giving back and voluntarily mentors upcoming businesses through a range of organisations.

Monica and her team have worked with brands such as Dilmah Tea, Sumo Salad, Just Cuts, Muffin Break, JUCY Campervans, Lindt Chocolates and Relationships Australia.  Monica delivers keynote presentations and workshops to a wide range of business groups.  Her goal is to get businesses looking at the media through opportunistic eyes, rather than just passively, with her recent speaking engagements including a TENx at the Speakers Institute and Travel Industry Expo.

Her recent speaking engagements including The Annual Business Blueprint Conference, The Drinks Trade Industry Expo, Tank Stream Labs and NSW Business Chamber.  She is available to speak on a range of areas including, how to develop your personal brand through mainstream media, how to identify newsworthy angles that will get a journalist’s attention and how to become the media go-to expert for your industry.  She can also speak on 18 key lessons learnt from 18 years in business and how to create a winning culture in your organisation.

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Available for: Keynotes; Guest Speakers and Workshops.

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