Marianne Roux

Marianne is an experienced Executive, Professor of Practice/Executive Educator, Thought Leader, Consulting Director, Designer and Facilitator in Executive Development and Organisational and HR Transformation. She works independently and as an Associate at Monash and Melbourne Business Schools, Cirrus Asia Pac and Mercer. She has cross industry and global experience.

Marianne is deeply passionate about enabling and inspiring leaders to create positive and sustainable organisations. She is particularly interested in and conducts ongoing research into challenges of organisations of the future and how to design, enable and transform them through new strategies, structures, practices, behaviours and mindsets of leaders and HR teams.

With 25 years of a unique blend of academic, consulting and Executive experience, she partners with others to do strategic and true evidence-based practice work that delivers real and sustainable outcomes for her clients. She believes in building capability in the organisations she works with to ensure sustainability of initiatives.

She is available to speak on adaptive organisations and leaders, women i leadership and female social entrepreneurship.  

Information on Marianne:

Available for: Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Leadership & Development; HR, IR & Safety

Travels from: Melbourne