Nycole Lloyd

Nycole is an End of Life Doula and founder of Living Loving Dying.  She is unstoppable in her commitment to change End of Life literacy, encouraging us to adopt a new mind-set for how we talk about, prepare for and approach our mortality.

Nycole works with people to ensure that they won’t leave behind an administrative and logistical mess for their loved ones and shows us how we can support our families and friends to grieve well in when affected by the death of someone close to us.  Nycole coaches people to face their fears around death and understand how making peace with the inevitable opens us up to embracing more of life in the now.

Nycole supported both of her parents, and a mother-in-law, during their terminal cancers and through to their subsequent deaths. It was through these experiences that she learned the importance of living and dying well. Having worked in the personal transformational space for over 12 years as an Energy Worker, Counsellor and Life Coach, she now turns her experience to supporting people to live life courageously, on their own terms, and to have them approach their death in the same way.

Nycole is unstoppable in her commitment to changing end-of-life literacy, encouraging us to adopt a new mindset for how we talk about, prepare for and approach our mortality.  She is available to speak on topics including Pragmatic Planning for End-of-life and why it’s selfish not to have your affairs in order;  How facing death is good for creating a life of no regrets; Living Well, Dying Better, Holding space for those we love; Healthy Grieving before, during and after a death occurs; Dealing with transitions when someone close dies.

Information on Nycole:

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Categories: Childcare, Education & Training; Health & Medicine; Corporate Inclusion & Diversity; Life & Motivational. 

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