Olamide Kowalik

Olamide is one of Revolution Law’s senior lawyers.  She has over 13 years’ experience across all areas of personal injury, and further to this she is an expert in the niche area of Medical Negligence Law.  Olamide always goes out of her way to ensure her clients are happy and she is an absolute asset to the Revolution Law team.

She is married and has three boys including twins.  Olamide loves to share her wealth of knowledge in form of blogging, regularly speaking at various legal seminars and mentoring of junior lawyers.  She was recognised on the Doyles list as a medical injury legal expert in 2015 and 2017.  Olamide is an absolute advocate to her client’s in fighting for justice.

Above all Olamide has a massive heart.  She adores helping non-for profits put on charity events and she is on the board for Triumph Alliance which is a non for profit which helps children on the streets learn a trade.  She also regularly volunteers at a local community legal centre in Logan and takes pride in giving back to the community and lives by her motto of being the change that you want to see.

She is available to speak on a range of areas, including all areas of law relating to her practice, her biography, cultural sensitivities in the workplace, social justice, the importance of mentorship amongst women, balancing motherhood and career and fundraising for not-for-profits.

Information on Olamide:

Available for: Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker.

Categories: Law & Politics; Multicultural

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