Penny Terry

Penny loves a good yarn because she knows good stories create lasting change. She’s spent 10 years as an ABC radio presenter, broadcasting more than 20,000 stories from diverse perspectives. Penny is known for her innovative approach to storytelling, always finding the story others can’t. 

Penny’s skill in conversation is renowned for assisting others to confidently share their perspectives, stories and experiences in a way that makes others take notice. She now helps individuals and organisations create their own willing tribe of advocates. In 2016, Penny founded Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd with her sister Lucy Byrne, an expert in community-wide initiatives. They’ve pooled their expertise and lead a range of programs and projects that support people to live the best life they can, in communities that are thriving. Penny is highly engaged with current issues, their impacts and seamlessly presents mixed topics to diverse audiences. 

Penny has broad experience in public speaking as a media presenter, guest speaker, forum facilitator and master of ceremonies. Penny is a Thought Leader in her field, a Telstra Business Woman national finalist and is never far from a microphone, whether it’s in the studio, on the stage or with her guitar in hand! 

As a speaker, facilitator and MC Penny champions storytelling, drawing from the 20,000 odd stories she’s collected and shared throughout her career to date. She demonstrates how good storytelling skills are critical along the path to influence and can change conversations from outrage to empathy and inspire collaboration over competition. Penny show audiences how to take the fear out of contributing to public conversations as she unpacks authenticity, the science of opinions and the power of emotion and vulnerability. When Penny has the microphone everyone has a rollicking good time and walk away with new knowledge of how to identify, craft and share the sorts of stories that make real and lasting change. 

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Available for: Master of Ceremony; Appearances; Keynotes; Panels, Guest Speaker; Workshops.

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