Dr Rachel Baird

Rachel has a wealth of experience across multiple industries – Defence, academia, private practice, corporate, education, professional sports and NFP. She trained and practised as a lawyer (but don’t hold that against her) and is the founder of Womentogether, a startup focussed on promoting support and inclusivity for all women.

As a former competitive athlete and military lawyer; she has learnt a thing or two about perseverance and adapting when things don’t go to plan! Rachel embraces her experiences (the good, bad & plain ugly) with positivity, adding them all to her backpack of skills and wily ingenuity. Rachel is an entertaining speaker and story teller able to draw upon personal experience (such as getting asked out on a submarine) to connect with the audience. She has a special affinity for organisations or communities committed to education, creating positive modelling for girls and women, promoting inclusive leadership and championing genuine and culturally positive environments.

Her most sought after speaking topics are:

What type of leader are you? 

Rachel encourages you to approach leadership thoughtfully and with a commitment to modelling the values you want to instil in the organisation or department you lead. Careless leaders fail as evidenced by the new buzz words in leadership: trust and values.  Given these concepts sit at the heart of ethical leadership, it shows how misunderstood and abused leadership has become.  Rachel draws upon her military experience as a lawyer and staff officer, as well as her own experience in leading effective teams, to share with you some tips for leading by example and being an inspiring leader in modern Australia.   She draws upon research which shows the larger than life egocentric leader is set to fail because – being too busy believing in their own hype – they lack the ability to connect with and inspire staff. In the ‘me first’ society, successful organisations will be led by people able to model altruistic behaviour.  

What’s in your backpack?

Approaching life as a journey during which you collect experiences and skills along the way (much like fridge magnets from countries you’ve visited) is the way to go. As you journey, you toss them into your metaphoric backpack. It might be skills in negotiation, excel or drafting. You may do a course on delegating or manage a team for the first time. Whatever the skill or experience, in it goes and then you start to notice that when life gets tough, you have past experiences to draw upon.  Rachel shares entertaining anecdotes and her philosophy on filling your backpack with the right tools for life. 

Rachel holds a PhD in international environmental law, driven in part by her interest in polar exploration and the thrilling adventure stories of Shackleton and Amundsen. In another life she would have been an explorer seizing every opportunity to learn and enjoy life. 

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