Rosie Luik

Rosie decided at 30 years old to pursue her lifelong dreams of Modelling, Acting and Presenting.  During her high school years she was bullied and made fun of for being quiet and a bit dorky.  She met her husband when she was 18 and he was 22, and they started a business together.  By the time Rosie was 21, they were married with their first child and by 24 she had another two children and was living the dream.  

A friend of Rosie’s was fighting a long battle to start her own family.  She watched her friend go through treatments and IVF and felt a strong urge to help, so she approached her friend and offered to carry her baby. Surrogacy laws in Queensland hadn’t been passed at that stage, so what she had proposed was technically illegal; therefore they decided to wait until the laws passed in Queensland.

While they were waiting Rosie donated her eggs to see if her friend could conceive.  But after three cycles of IVF, there was no luck.  Rosie wanted to do more and as soon as altruistic surrogacy (no, financial gain) became legal in June 2010, she and her husband made the decision to offer Rosie’s body to carry a baby; using a donor egg and the husband’s sperm, Rosie became pregnant on the first cycle!

The baby girls (yes twins!!) were born via emergency caesarean and Rosie became the first legal altruistic surrogate of twins in Queensland.Rosie is the proud mother of four children with her husband and now in her 30s, her modelling career has reached amazing heights.

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