Host a Social

Hosting an event with the involvement The Prominenti Society can be done one of two ways:

The Socials Promotion – you host the event and organise ticket sales through your own site, we simply promote it on our website and socials.  All we need you to provide is the link to the ticket sales website, any visuals and who the host of the event is.  The fee for this service is on per event basis.

The Socials Hosting – you host the event and we can organise ticket sales through our website (we still promote the event as well).  With this option, the sales for all tickets will be processed through PayPal (which have minimal fees) and you will receive regular updates on attendee numbers.  The event tickets have a QR Code which will allow you to check in each attendee using your mobile phone.  The fee for this service is on per event basis.

If you would like to promote your event on our website, please fill out the request below and we will provide you with a quote.

Please include location, full address, start and finish time.