About The Prominenti Society

This is what we are all about – providing support, resources and the networks for professional women in Australia.  While many groups offer support either focused on graduates or senior level women (which are all fantastic!), The Prominenti Society is here to fill the gap and help those that are either stepping out of their graduate years and just looking to find their purposes or those looking to move towards the senior level in coming years.

Whether it be resources on redrafting (or drafting) your career plan, lunches with other professionals or a breakfast down the Coast, The Prominenti Society has it all covered.  The Prominenti Society is what you make of it!  Membership options cater to all personal financial circumstances and can be tailored to your needs.

Our member benefits are not just career related, they are benefits to help you with all parts of your life.  Find out more about our Society Partners and how to become a Society Partner.