Tima Elhajj

Tima is a Coach/Mentor, International Speaker and the host of her own Podcast.  Having built small businesses in finance to fashion, her versatility enables her to deliver on both business and lifestyle genres.

She loves networking and has hosted numerous business networking events throughout Melbourne.  Over her speaking career she has delivered keynotes for organisations such as Westpac’s Ruby Connection, ANZ, BT & SEBN to name a few.  Tima also hosts a number of corporate events, moderated Q&A sessions and business lunches. 

Tima’s vision is to help others truly understand that their potential is limitless, and this has inspired her to communicate this message not only on stage but also via her Podcast.

Tima is available to speak on:

How to create a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn

As a leader and an expert in your profession, you understand the importance & the power of personal branding.  We live in an incredible time where YOU have the opportunity to become a Thought Leader in your industry. Be one of the few Australian’s who will take this opportunity and dominate their industry.

What you will learn:

  • connect with & define your personal brand
  • how to ensure that your message is infused in your content and in an authentic way
  • create clarity on your purpose, your bigger mission and objectives
  • how to effectively create Call To Actions
  • how to optimise your profile setup and get discovered
  • effectively use #hashtags
  • the importance of content that captivates your audience and how to do this
  • how to lift your profile presence through the power of engagement and execution

The power of choice: Growth Mindset vs A Fixed Mindset

This will appeal to people in business or any person that is looking to make a massive change with their mindset. They are ready & willing to be a better version of themselves. Tima want’s people to walk away not only feeling that their potential is limitless but know how to take action. This has been one of Tima’s most popular presentations and she has received incredible feedback as it resonates with so many people.

How to create your own purpose

This session is focused on how to reinvent yourself and how to create a bigger mission in your life where you are filled with a purpose filled business and life that you will love.

Other topics include, “The Rise of the Intrepreneur”, “How to start the right business” and “How to create goals and follow through”.

Information on Tima:

Available for: Master of Ceremony; Keynote Speaker; Panel Speaker; Guest Speaker; Workshops.

Categories: Business & Entrepreneurs; Finance, Tax & Accounting; Leadership & Development; Life & Motivational; Media, Blogging & PR.

Travels from: Melbourne