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  1. We are a platform to provide the public access to female speakers.  We want corporate Australia to have no option to say that they could not “find a female speaker”.
  2. Once you apply, we review your speaker profile, respond with your profile listing and ask you to provide pictures of you which we can use on the site.  Once you approve the profile listing, we will get you listed within 7 days.
  3. After you are listed, we will send you an invoice for your listing subscription fee, which will be payable within 15 days.
  4. Your listing subscription is valid for one year from when we invoice you.  Subscription fees will be reviewed each financial year.  The current fee is set until the end of FY2019 and the introductory rate is for all applications made prior to 30 September 2018.
  5. We ask you to respond within 24 hours to a client engagement request.  If you fail to respond, we reserve our right to inform the client that you are not available and to offer another speaker.
  6. Your rates will remain confidential and we will only provide them to the client once you have confirmed that we can do so.  Your rates will never be provided to other speakers.
  7. All agreements are between you and the client; we won’t be a named party or involved in the negotiation of the terms between you both.
  8. You agree to release and indemnify The Prominenti Society (including its employees, contractors and representatives) from any and all claims (including demands, damages, costs and interest) associated with any job or enquiry that may be associated with The Prominenti Society, this includes and is not limited to claims by you for non-payment by the client and claims by the client for your failure to attend, or failure to provide the performance as expected.
  9. Nothing in this agreement, or any other document between us, constitutes or forms an employment relationship, partnership, agent, or subcontractor.
  10. We recommend yearly voice coaching or media training.
  11. You should consider speaking to an insurance broker to see if you need to obtain any insurance (public liability etc). The Prominenti Society has no responsibility or involvement in insurance.
  12. Our foundation speakers will be listed at the top of their interest areas, all other speakers will be listed alphabetically by first name in their category and yes you can be listed in more than one interest area!
  13. You are not exclusively tied to The Prominenti Society, but we would love it if you prioritised us!
  14. You can ask to have your listing removed at any time.  Unfortunately, there will be no pro-rata refunds.  We are happy to discuss putting your listing ‘on-hold’ should you be going on extended leave.  This is on a case-by-case basis and at our sole discretion.
  15. We make no representations as to the amount of jobs you will be booked for.  The aim of The Prominenti Society is to raise your profile and provide the business community with direct access to female speakers.  We are about exposure, and if you are after a personal Agent we can give you some fantastic recommendations.
  16. We ask that you do at a few social media posts per year about The Prominenti Society, this can be on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – as long as it features your involvement with us!
  17. As a listed speaker, you become an automatic member of The Prominenti Society (expected mid 2018 launch).
  18. You will be given priority for all The Prominenti Society events when we need a speaker or guest of honour.
  19. We will provide you with access to stylists, make-up & hair artists, clothing designers and other resources needed to help make your job as easy as possible!  It is up to each business if they want to work with you and their payment terms (some may be willing to do it at cost, or for social media influence).
  20. By confirming that your biography is correct for publishing, you are agreeing to The Fine Print.
  21. Any substantial changes to The Fine Print will be notified to our listed speakers by email.

Overall, the aim of The Prominenti Society is to promote female speakers.  We don’t want to overcomplicate anything and have tried to keep The Fine Print as simple as possible.  If there is something that you want to include or change, please let us know.  If that is the case, the balance of The Fine Print will apply.

We are excited to have you on this journey with us!

Version current as at 23 June 2018.


  1. We understand that circumstances change and have a pretty carefree refund and cancellation policy for unforeseen health events.  For other situations, the following applies.
  2. Full refunds are available if you are cancelling more than two weeks in advance of the event.
  3. Half of the ticket cost will be refunded if you are cancelling more than 72 hours from the event and less than two weeks.
  4. No refunds are available if cancelling within 72 hours of an event.
  5. Each request for a refund will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  If we provide a refund on terms than otherwise detailed above (that is, give you a full refund), it does not follow that the same refund will apply for other customers.
  6. The Prominenti Society reserves the right to amend its refund position without further notice.
Version current as at October 2018.