We recommend that all speakers undergo yearly voice coaching, if nothing else as a ‘reminder’ of the best techniques to make your presentation or speech as effective as possible.

I recently went to a Women in Legal luncheon in Melbourne and the guest speaker was Lisa Lockland-Bell (who also happens to be one of our listed speakers!). Lisa decided to use me as a guinea pig for a quick session on inflections, pace and tone. It was a fun few minutes (where I recited my intro about 10 times!), but more importantly, a reminder that I needed to book in for my vocal lessons. This was particularly important as I was emceeing the Ferrari Brisbane International Women’s Day evening with PDPR the following week.

Thank you to Donna for hosting the event and to Lisa for giving me my (semi-public) reminder on booking in for my lesson.

We have a number of women who are available to provide voice coaching lessons, including Lisa Lockland-Bell and Sally Prosser. You can see more at our Society Partners page.


Lisa giving me a lesson on inflections.