Yvon Attia

Yvon is a motivational speaker, a business woman and host to a 90-minute weekly television broadcast that reaches millions of people around the world.

Drawing on a unique combination of experience that saw Yvon triumph over adversity as a child growing up in Egypt where women were treated as second-class citizens, to her relocation to Australia and her own transformation that led to outstanding business successes, Yvon has a unique and compelling story.

As a motivational speaker, Yvon has an engaging and warm approach that inspires and empowers her audiences. Leveraging her early experience as a Teacher to draw her audience in and uncover their pain points, Yvon presents well thought out and practical solutions that offer a cathartic experience and leave an indelible mark.

As a business woman, Yvon’s story speaks to those who are navigating the challenges of growing a business as a woman, while juggling parenthood and managing large, multi-site teams. Her business success has seen her coach and mentor hundreds through their careers, driving them to unprecedented levels of personal and professional success. Her management style has enabled staff to thrive, while she has helped grow multi-million dollar businesses.

Yvon is every woman’s woman – her audiences relate to her straight-talking but compassionate style. She has been a beacon of light to the hundreds she has touched with her inspiring story. Passionate about people and driven to by a desire to help restore self-belief, Yvon’s dynamic style helps people unlock negative thought patterns, breakthrough their own limitations, and gain personal, spiritual and professional wellbeing.

The teacher continues to learn so she can, in turn, continue to teach. Yvon holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Arts and is currently pursuing a PhD to cement her position as an authority on restoring purpose and unearthing meaning to life and work by letting go of the past.

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